► Small scale microalgae culture

shaker petri dish microalgae culture room
photobioreactor photobioreactor photobioreactor

► Large scale microalgae culture

microalgae mass culture system tank of the microalgae mass culture system
CO2 injection in the mass culture system microalgae mass culture system from Biores s.a.

► Photosynthesis and Respiration

PAM fluorimeter and oxygen electrode fluorimeter JTS-10 spectrophotometer with high energy laser

► Chromatography

gas chromatography High pressure liquid chromatography

► Proteomics

gel caster for 2D polyacrylamide gels and and equilibration tubes mini-gel electrophoresis system 2D electrophoresis system for first dimension (IEF)
2D electrophoresis system for second dimension (SDS-PAGE) DeCyder 7.0 software for 2D-DIGE gel analyses